April 17, 2017

Nostalgic spring cleansing

Good afternoon~

I'm happy to announce it's finally my favorite season of Spring! Actually it's been spring for a almost a month but we can ignore that right? I've been a tad busy because people tend to use the changing of the season to clean the entire house and to make some personal changes! Well I have accidentally dyed my hair dark brown but that's a story for my next post I'm afraid. I have many feelings.

Anyway, today has been a productive day so far. I spent most of my time cleaning my computer and the many folders I have created over the years. It's such a chore but in the end I end up with a much better system of storing things. Also I have discovered some older photos which is always fun!

The main reason for my post was actually a couple of playlist videos I found on Youtube. I've been playing them while tidying up and I found the music to be really nostalgic? It's not even from my era and not even the correct language. I'm really not sure how I stumbled upon this but I felt like sharing this with you. I'm sure someone will love it too!

The music is really mellow (As we can see by the title, very obvious?) but it really evokes a feeling that I love. It's super easy to listen too. It's not really quite background music because it varies quite a lot between songs. I really recommend listening to these playlists. There are actually various volumes and parts so there is a lot to listen too.

I've been listening to all of the mixes on and off for the past few days but as today was especially sunny and sweet it made the connection to spring fairly easy. I'm sure some of you will really enjoy the music too. If you know of any similar mixes feel free to send them my way as well!

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  1. I was just wondering where you were. Glad to see a new post! :)