December 26, 2016

So here it is; Merry Christmas, everybody is having fun!

Hello everyone!

Merry Christmas to you all. It's now the second day of Christmas so I hope everyone had a really nice first Christmas day. I spent mine visiting my grandfather and my boyfriend relatives. It was super nice to spend some time with them on this special day. What kind of things did you do? I assume most people spent it with their family too.

In the evening we ate a wonderful Christmas dinner and tonight we'll be dining again! I love these two days so so much! Anyway after our first Christmas dinner we unwrapped our gifts so I'll show mine in a little more detail now. I already posted an overview image on Instagram but this is a little better don't you think?

This sweater is from Forever21 and it's so soft! I'm really in love with it. Also it's funny that I received this since I gifted my boyfriend a similar striped sweater but in black. So now we can officially go out and be twinsies~

The little bunny figurine is actually a night light for kids but I thought it was so cute to place on my desk or something. I received that one from my boyfriend.

The amazing gloves were a gift from my mother and they are from River Island. They are genuine leather and very good quality. It's really difficult to find good gloves for me since I have very long and thin fingers so these are amazing.

The over the knee socks are quite obviously from H&M and they were a gift from my boyfriend. He really loves over the knee socks on girls so he's hoping they will actually fit me like that. Since I'm rather tall we are never really sure if they will actually be over the knee on me haha

These gifts are all given by my sweet boyfriend and they are all from H&M as well. The watch is so adorable right? I think I have to wear it on my right arm since I wear my fitbit on the left but I'll figure that out in the future.

This is a super amazingly toasty scarf from H&M as well. The color is a bit difficult to capture but it's basically a very light pink. I'm really pleased with this because my only other scarf is kept at my office since the heating is not fabulous over there. Now I can use this not to freeze outside!

The shoes are also from H&M. My boyfriend actually bought these in front of me so I knew I was getting these but he packaged them anyway!

Super fuzzy and cute slippers to match all my other pink stuff. Just in case you have not noticed; I do pretty badly in the winter time. Just like my mother I do really badly in the cold.

The red item is actually a pair of very thick winter socks/slippers. They are hard to capture in a photo but they are so soft and warm. I'll probably wear them a lot this season. Both items are also from H&M.

This is my most coveted item and I am actually wearing this right now. This is a super fuzzy home wear type hoodie. It's a bit hard to photograph as it's rather long (A little bit longer than mid thigh) but that means it's super comfortable to wear it. It's also a bit more charming than the red snuggie I was wearing around the house previously.

Both these wonderful books are gifts from my mother. The left novel is Miss Maple and the right one is Hercule Poirot. Both characters are my utter favorites so I can't wait to read them. I have various other books from the same series in my bookcase already.

So these are my last two gifts. The DVD for 'God help the girl' which is a really really good movie (And Emily Browning is SO gorgeous, can I have her face) and the 'Goat simulator' game for the PS4. I know the latter one does not fit the overall theme but I wanted the game for a really long time and it's so funny. It's basically a pointless game where you are a goat, running around while licking people and causing chaos. It's very therapeutic.

What kind of gifts did you get for Christmas?

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