December 31, 2016

My new years resolutions

Hello everyone~

Are you perhaps thinking about your new years resolutions yet? Personally I really try to make a good list every single year to work on my hobbies and self improvement but I hardly ever finish them at all. I wonder why it is so difficult to work though a list like that?

I always thought it is because it's easier to remain the way as you are rather than challenging yourself to change something. Change sounds easy but it is actually quite hard..

My new years resolutions for 2017 are as following!

- Work more on my Blog and on my Instagram
- Dye my hair a more natural blonde and cut my bangs
- Start learning a new language
- Lose 5 to 7 kilograms
- Make an effort to be a more positive person
- Try to do my very best at work
- Clean around the house more often and keep things tidy
- Visit London and perhaps Paris again
- Take better care of my body and my health
- Start taking vitamins for my hair
- Aim to be a better girlfriend and friend 
- Try to stretch every other day and become more flexible

As you can see I tried to keep my resolutions very straight forward. It's easy to make a list that's very extensive and difficult but if you set better goals for yourself it will also be easier to fulfill them. I really hope I can manage to fulfill at the very least half of these. It's always fun to try and be a better version of yourself.

What kind of new years resolutions do you have for 2017?

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