November 12, 2016

A nice fresh start

Hi everyone!

Today I made the decision to make all of my previous blog posts private. I noticed now that for some time I did not really know which direction this blog was taking. Perhaps this was because there was no clear direction at all, I was just making random posts with no real connections in between. This also causes less creativity and less urges to blog. 

From now onward I want to make this a beautiful place filled with lots of enthusiasm and positive vibes! I want to show case more of myself and my hobbies. I want to travel more even if it's within my own country and show you guys the journey!

My old posts are still in my overview but they are hidden for now. At some point I might make them visible again after checking them. There are quite a few that are still Me after all!

So for everyone who is still reading this blog; I hope to see you soon!

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