March 13, 2014

The state of dreaming

Good evening,

In my city it is still officially winter however my brain is already in spring mode as the weather here has been simply lovely for the past few days. Finally my very favourite time of the year is returning and I can begin to swap out my winter garments for lighter items. It's such a refreshing thing to do at the start of the season, I love reorganizing my wardrobe.

Aside from that I have been taking many photographs lately. I am not sure why but my confidence has really picked up since some time. Due to this I have also been using Instagram more often, you will be able to find the link in my social media widget.

Unfortunately it is a little bit too chilly to go outside without tights and a light coat but since I am so looking forward to it I am already makes all kinds of sweet coordinates for when the time does finally arrive. I found a few news ways to wear clothes that I thought I had gotten bored of so that is very nice indeed.

Now I should be getting to bed since I have another interview tomorrow. I hope I will be able to do well on this one. If you could possible share some luck with me? I'd love that!

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  1. I love your outfit! ^.^
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